The to-do list doesn’t exactly conjure an image of Julie Andrews spinning in a field with arms outstretched, but I often ponder what was, what is, what’s next, and what will be, to the tune of My Favorite Things. Whatever whistle, giggle, punchline of a joke I tell myself… whatever way I can carry myself from the start of the day until I fall asleep & hope not to dream, whatever sudden burst of song or TV jingle, whatever doodle on my three ring binder in Home Room, whatever secret handshake reconciles today as more than just the gap between yesterday & tomorrow… for now, that’s my favorite thing.

It’s been some years since I’ve done this, since I walked up to the open mic of the Internet, blinded by the spotlight & terrified to speak; please bear with me while I clear my throat, take a breath, and pray that my voice won’t crack too much. We’ll get through this together, somehow, some way.

Sharing your life with me, investing your time in reading this content, is the most amazing gift & I’m so grateful.

More soon, much love,


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