I’m on a newsletter via text message town-cryer spree this morning, telling everyone the good news from my morning; so, I’m gonna tell you too:

When I was a kid, I was told that ground cover plant with the purple blossoms was a weed/clover and that I should pull it out of the flower beds. We used to pull the flowers and suck the nectar (maybe the first hint it shouldn’t be pulled and thrown away!). Anyway. This morning, I pulled a bunch from the flower bed, chopped it up with some dandelion greens and some olive oil, and it is the best fuckin salad green I’ve ever had in my entire life. Ever. Better than spinach, kale, and lettuce of any variety.

I added a little water and used an immersion stick blender to get a green smoothie consistency… added it to my pups’ food, they loved it.

Added a tablespoon of powdered coconut milk, and a tablespoon of sweet potato powder, and a teaspoon of dried ginger with the green smoothie until it was a thick pudding consistency, and I’m gonna make a dessert sushi roll outta that Jazz later.

Then… then!!!… I made pesto with it for lunch. Best pesto I’ve ever had in my life. Bunches of that stuff, sunflower seeds, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, some dehydrated lemon zest from last year (though could use marigold blossom later in the season), and nutritional yeast flakes. Indigenous Vegan Missouri Pesto. Outrageous.

So, I did some research, it’s a kind of mint (lamium purpureum):

Sage and oregano are both in the mint family, and this stuff tastes kind of minty and kind of sage-y and kind of oregano-y all at the same time. Just grows everywhere for free my whole life and I never knew. Thrilled and irritated all at the same time. Getcha some if you’ve got it in your yard!

These are my mason jars of green bounty. Left to right: Some vegan burger flour mixture I made from beans and pulses, soaking up the green goodness. The coconut milk/sweet potato/green goodness mixture. The best pesto ever. I just realized this stuff would make a great base for a “Green Goddess” salad dressing too. Dressing salad with salad is the best idea anyone ever had.

More soon, much love,


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