I’ve noticed on the stats tracking that strangers have stumbled on this content, so I feel compelled to give a disclaimer. I can’t imagine that anyone is interested in the moment-to-moment daily evolution of the thoughts in my head right now; I’m writing this stuff for myself, not you… so if my journal is boring to you then just go read the package label on your toilet paper.

I’ve spent the bulk of the day writing out: planning for the next month to move out of the house (gave the landlords notice), the next 3-6 months build on the garden lots & bed designs, and a manageable projection for growth, cost, and logistics for the next one to three years.

I also managed to stain a few panels of a trash & water bin I’m gonna build next time I’m on site, and the furbs and I had an awesome day of bonding and continuing the work of rebuilding routine and structure which got stressed to the point of near FUBAR this past year. Solid day.

More soon, much Love,


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