A few years ago, I shaved my head and stopped talking and my “friends and family” tried to have me institutionalized. Being called insane in an insane world is an enormous compliment. Today was a very important day:

“Hey, here’s an update I’ve been working on for a while & it’s important to start communicating with you about it:

Late 2014 and 2015, the first time I shaved my head, stopped talking, and started writing everything with a pen a paper, those choices weren’t well received by “friends & family.” I believe that was because it was too sudden of a change for everyone to respect, and instead of trying to understand why I made those choices, everyone expressed their beliefs that to shave one’s head and stop talking was psychotic. As a result, I [grew] my hair back out, [until I could] look and behave the way everyone expected, and slowly begin the process again at a pace which was acceptable to everyone else… we learned how to rebuild our relationship as much as we could, and I’m so grateful for that time.

This week, I have again begun the process of not speaking & writing everything with a pen and paper, or typing electronically. [The service pup] is doing really well with hand signals instead of verbal commands, and [her pup buddy] is tethered to her harness so he does whatever [service pup] does. It’s kind of awesome. I am spending the rest of this month & early next month, while I am still in [town] meeting with a handful of friends and acquaintances to let them know that the next time we see each other I’ll be writing instead of speaking. I learned a lot from the response the world expressed the first time I tried to do this, and I’m hopeful that this new approach will make the change more graceful & loving.

I’ve told you that the furbs and I are hoping, planning, and intending to move next month with hopes to start a community garden. This feels like an important moment and opportunity for me to begin that journey as I am most comfortable, in silence. My new neighbors will meet me as I am, and I will be able to start a fresh chapter without having to explain why.

Here’s the very, very important part: while we are so far apart, I will always make an exception to my choice so that I may speak with you on the phone. It is my choice to live in silence, and I never want to silence you with that choice. I love hearing your voices, and knowing how you’re doing, and letting you know that I’m here for you anytime, no matter what, to help any way I can. So nothing will change with our communication at this time, we can still talk and text on the phone as often as you want. But I want to let you know how my life is changing here so that when we see each other in person again you’ll know what to expect.

I love you so much, and I’m so proud of you, and I’m so grateful that you let me be your [parent.]”

More soon, much Love,


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