We celebrate the birth of trees by “harvesting”/cutting them down, bringing them inside, and putting nonsense all over them. That’s how we celebrate Jesus’ birth… human years are days in the life span of a tree, it took three days/years for that evergreen tree to push away a stone (seed shell), be miraculously reborn, and grow back to the size before the crucifixion. People in the Bible lived for hundreds of years. We think that is miraculous and impossible; however, if we mentally substitute a tree for all the human impossibility, the Bible makes perfect sense. 

The Bible is an inerrant human Rorschach Test; edited over the centuries through the filter of the humans who projected opinions and perceptions onto the blank slate. The Gospel has child molestation and murder and slavery and the contents of human greed & injustice layered on top of a benign life story; because that’s what was predominantly sodden in the ideology of the humans with the pens. The Roman Catholic Church had the copyrights to the content for eons, and has only recently brought the Church standard of child molestation and abuse into the daylight. 

We rightfully demand safety and protections for our biological kids in our immediate legal family responsibility, yet we fail to extend that safety to unsheltered/at-risk kids in our Community who need Homeless Court, Services, and Family. We behave as if our societal challenges and failures are impossible to mend.

However, if we mentally substitute the kids in our immediate legal family, for the way we treat our extended at-risk kids in Community, the failure makes perfect sense. 

More soon, much Love,


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