The stupid government requirement for a group to file for nonprofit 501c3 says the Board of Directors has to be structured like the government. You have to have officers (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer), and then have separate employees (CEO etc).

I have seen a local nonprofit who had two Presidents who co-President a nonprofit. So it seems logical that a group of a dozen or so people could all be co-Presidents of the organization & dismantle that power structure to build the community investment and involvement, ownership and agency of every individual on equal standing, and also remove the overworked burden on the one President/VP/Secretary/Treasurer.

To serve on the Board of the Community Garden is to be co-President & co-Vice President of the Community Garden. I like to write, so maybe I could be co-Secretary with anyone else who likes to write. Maybe we could have a dozen people who put their names on all four lines, so we’re all co-President, co-Vice President, co-Secretary, and co-Treasurer & then everyone contributes as much time and labor as able and desired to those tasks. Then there’s no passing the buck of “it was all that person’s responsibility & that person didn’t do the job right, so it’s that person’s fault.” All of our names are on all four lines. We all go together, or we don’t go at all. Also clears up a lot of bandwidth for making art and manifesting bliss.

More soon, much Love,


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