I’ve spent a lot of time lately applying this idea—of bending the punctuation and subject/object to reinterpret colloquialisms & oral history that have been recorded incorrectly—to the daily time I commit to sitting with The Lord’s Prayer.

“Give us this day our daily bread, and for give…” the other day I heard that as a way to ask blessing for a harvest, and for give… “and” is the extra just to give away, not for sale and profit, not for hoarding while depriving our neighbors, friends, siblings, children.

“and for give, us… our… trespass is as we, for give those, who?… trespass is against us.” this bend on punctuation, meter, inflection… when applied at a local level to locked buildings, when unsheltered people must break in for food and shelter, when unsheltered people are arrested for trespassing, reminds me that we are all breaking the law for anyone to be locked out, unsheltered and starving.

When applied to international border policy… if we are we, if the extra, the gluttonous extra we have as the cake crumbs from our table that we leave on the floor in disregard… if we have what we need and the extra is for us to give as we… then there is no trespass, (against who?)there is no illegal border crossing, there is no border.

Those, who? Trespass against us. It’s impossible to trespass in your own home.

Unlock the doors; our siblings, our kids are outside.

More soon, much Love,


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