The most amazing lightning storm just lit up the sky like ten 4th of Julys in one; made the hair on my legs stand on end, and the air smells so clean. Almost no rain, just heat lightning over the whole sky.

When I was a teenager, I worked the overnight shift at Kinko’s for a bit, and there was a couple who came in to use the color copiers one night and they asked for some extra help. They were traveling through town, and they gave me a handful of beads to say thank you. I kept one of the beads this whole time, I don’t know why; but I find it in my jewelry/keepsake box every so often, and I’ve run across it several times lately while making the prayer buttons.

There was an inexplicable moment that night shift at Kinko’s when I was standing by the color copier and I almost passed out, just got really light headed and fell to my knees in the lobby of Kinko’s and everything went black. I figured I hadn’t eaten enough, but it happens every so often still & it just happened in the hallway outside the bathroom after I came inside from the lightning storm.

I went outside to watch the lightning, came inside and thought I’m not sure if I’ll make it to California this summer or not, and that same weakness to my knees happened, and I heard, “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want,” and I thought about that bead in my jewelry box.

More soon, much Love,


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