A really big part of this move to The Garden is my personal decision to never reside inside a building again. I’m moving out of this house, putting my belongings in a storage unit, and living outdoors.

I can’t really pinpoint why, though I do have a handful of side effects from that which resonate as personally valuable. It’s better—for building and tending a garden—to live in the garden.

I don’t have the technical experience of the start-up process for a nonprofit, and it’s a lot of Googling and pondering. The law, as I understand it, says that a 501c3 should not have any political agenda or involvement. I struggled with that bit, but am starting to find an authentic space inside myself where I might be able to live that.

I’m a human being, I’m allowed to have political opinions, I’m allowed to write my political opinions on the Internet with a pseudonym; I’m just not allowed to use the nonprofit to further, endorse, or promote those opinions. That’s really fair. A 501c3 nonprofit is released from government/political taxes, with the understanding that entity will function outside the restrictions of that governmental politic.

After some time of wondering how I (maybe the most opinionated person on earth) might keep my opinions to myself, I sat and prayed about it for a while. In that time, I realized that if I’m living in The Garden, if I’m working in The Garden, if I’m walking that life authentically, there’s nothing about that which changes depending on who’s in political office… hungry kids are hungry kids, no matter who’s in office… gardens are gardens, no matter what politicians say on TV.

There might be nuances in paperwork that change every two to four years; but if the purpose and mission is genuinely applicable to a consistent human need, that physical and spiritual need—and the solution to that need—won’t change & isn’t subject to political opinions.

More soon, much Love,


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