I left The Church. I left the Queer Community. I left the University. All of those groups were really abusive & not a great fit for me, personally.

There’s no way to completely remove the parts of myself and my life which are tethered to The Church, there’s certainly no way to remove the parts of myself which are Queer, and I can’t completely remove the humans from my life who identify with The Church and/or the Queer Community. The individuals on the Board of Directors for The Garden are very rooted in those parts of my life and self, and so much of what I respect and admire about those humans are those roots. But I, personally, have walked away from those organizations.

To focus myself on that choice, I tried to stop watching TV sermons, and tried to stop watching TV politics and pop culture. I haven’t owned a television for a long time, and didn’t have a television for a long time until my kids were born. Now I have YouTube in this supercomputer in my hand, and I check-in on what’s going on in the world more often than I should.

During my internship in a Church Building, I went to a few Pub Theology gatherings, where people sit around and have a beer or two and talk about theology. It’s nice to hear feedback on what humans in the neighborhood have to say about theology, and it gave social context to what was going on spiritually. I’ve tried to file the TV sermons in that same Pub Theology space in my brain, and that worked for a while, but I can’t quite get there these days. It just feels like one long not-reality TV show.

I’m eager to get my hands in dirt, my feet on the ground, my butt in The Garden. Gardens are apolitical, atheist, asexual, and completely without agenda or prejudice. I’m really looking forward to that.

More soon, much Love,


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