The past few weeks of doing my best to not speak, and failing at drive-thrus & the occasional gas station, I’ve encountered a lot of the same social dynamics as the first time I tried this. Humans have very bizarre responses when a person might be deaf… but that’s another post entirely.

I was in a convenience store recently, and the cashier was wearing a mask & I was writing with a pen and paper. Refreshingly, the cashier proceeded as normal, instead of suddenly forgetting how to be a human. But that’s when it occurred to me, if I didn’t have average auditory ability, if I depended on reading lips to understand what was being said, I would have had no way of knowing what the cashier was saying.

Thankfully, I do have average auditory ability, but this choice to not speak sometimes gives me a small glimpse into the way humans behave & what the world might be like if I didn’t have average auditory ability & the things humans will say when assuming a person can’t hear.

What has the pandemic been like for people who depend on reading lips to communicate and receive information??

The laws, and the science, all agree that there was never any reason to wear a mask when standing on stage, in front of a crowd, on a camera, to speak to the public. There was no reason for it. But the majority of people who identify as “Progressive”—& that identity is often coupled with an insistence to make space for the marginalized and under-represented people—those “Progressive” humans made a political statement by wearing masks for no reason, as total affectations and fashion accessories matched to their Nancy Pelosi pant suits; and in so doing, completely shut the world down for people who depend on lip reading to receive communication. Super woke.

Take off your masks when you’re talking to me on TV, you look like abusers.

More soon, much Love,


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