Today’s lessons from the great outdoors are right on par with Day 1 of Cub Scouts, but it’s all news to me:

Last night, there was a critter that went bump in the night, splashed around in the creek water, and freaked the pups out. Tonight, we have two large solar lamps posted around the tipi to keep the critters away, but that comes with the added audience of every moth, June bug, and buzzy exoskeleton on earth. I can’t decide yet which is worse. Luckily, the inside of the tent wreaks of Icy Hot & is aglow with our solar charged bug zapper, so the bugs aren’t super interested in joining us. And the pups don’t bark at June bugs, so I think it’s a fair trade off. 

Yesterday, I got to use the water filter for the first time. Filtering creek water is a slower and more involved process than the test setup I used at the park with tap water. Filtering cow poop and crawdaddies is extra. But we got about ten gallons, give or take, of delicious crystal clear drinking and bath water in less than hour… which would have been faster if I’d known what I was doing when I started. 

As I was writing this, a moth snuck in the tent, and I’ve already moved the lights. Barking at critters is what the dogs are for. Intellectually, I know that moths are just nighttime butterflies, but they’re like the creepy Uncle at the Butterfly Family Christmas Party. 

More soon, much Love,


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