I’ve been wondering out loud to humans and trees alike about the pine trees around here. Pine trees are evergreens, they shouldn’t be here. I’d be grumpy about that.

Wikipedia says the huge pine forests here are indigenous Blah Blah Blah bullshit… dig into some old county records from the early 1900’s says the pine was planted at the turn of the century when the cotton crops tanked.

These poor starving trees were too densely planted in a place they don’t belong, just for burning or processing into lumber, and all of that was actually just for the purpose of giving cover to backwoods cave and holler manufacturing and smuggling operations that planted the trees on poison land without proper care in the first place.

All of the trees around our campsite in the park have old nails driven into them, from the old, now illegal, eco terrorist practice of spiking trees to prevent logging.

Mentally replace humans for trees in that story. It’s overwhelming.

More soon, much Love,


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