Vs. what happens when I do watch YouTube? Everything awful. Shitty hack job pimps, politicians, and gossips trying to pass as pastoral care, public servants, and experts. Humans who cash paychecks on the premise of helping people, who instead perpetuate agony and abuse; humans who disregard and disenfranchise the entire population the paycheck is tasked and sworn to protect; humans who mistake time in front of the camera for productivity; humans who manufacture Hunger Games frienemy fights for one more news cycle of faux relevance; murderers who are complicit in the slow and painful process of the best of humanity oppressed to death in the ditch.

You know what happens when I don’t watch YouTube for a week? Nothing. Absolutely nothing happens. I skimmed back through after a Mon-Fri detox, and I missed zero important updates.

The difference in my quality of life when I let that tree fall in the woods without being around to hear it, vs. paying an exorbitant price with my life and attention wasted on giving audience, is enormous.

Toward the end of his life, Billy Graham—whose entire career as a televangelist was based on television broadcast—preached about turn off the television. He stood in front of TV cameras and said, “turn it off.” Amen, brother… amen.

More soon, much Love,


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