Typically, if the pups start barking at someone or something that isn’t an actual threat, I can ask them to stop and they will.

Last night, I was in the tipi, and the pups started barking, and I asked them to stop and they wouldn’t. They went bonkers. So, I got up and walked out to ask them what was goin’ on, and it turns out that the park ranger had pulled up and parked and gotten out of the truck and was walking toward the tent, and the pups were saying, “Nope, not gonna stop barking until you see what’s goin’ on, and then if you still want us to stop barking then that’s a different situation.”

When I saw what they wanted me to see, I did *not* ask them to stop barking, because the pups were right and doing what they were supposed to do. I put the big dog in her crate, she barked the whole way; left the Little Dude out, who continued to bark the whole time.

Had a really nice chat with the ranger, who had brought us supper, which was really appreciated; the three of us shared steak and corn on the cobb when we really needed it and that was awesome.

The past decade, I just keep barking while everyone tells me to shut up & I refuse to stop until everyone gets out of the fuckin’ building and sees what’s goin’ on. The consistent, persistent, and insistent ways my kids’ lives have been adversely affected—by everyone’s response to that barking—is constant proof that the barking is not only justified but required.

More soon, much Love,


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