Big dog doesn’t do well in her crate in the heat. She starts panicking and hyperventilating; so when it’s really hot (like all month), she has to sleep on the floor with the fan in her face… then I’m worried all night that she’ll spook and rip a hole in the tent to chase a squirrel.

Tonight, I put Icy Hot on her chest, muzzle nuzzle, and chin… magic.

It’s the first night I’m sleeping on the ground without the cot that lifts my butt three inches off the ground. We’re in a campground with a really low bug population, so there’s not much reason for it and it’s awesome. There’s so much more space.

I continue to be amazed, confused, and saddened by people’s response to the pen and paper and no talking communication. It’s hit and miss. Today, a cashier asked me if my voice would ever come back & when I said no, cashier had a really negative response to that, started saying how awful that was, & also became incapable of normal customer service banter. I was buying half a dozen pens and tiny notepads, and I wrote a note saying that’s why all the pens and paper, with a smiley face at the end of the sentence… “oh, you want the pens and paper in a separate bag?” Huh?

It was our second visit to the park we moved out of today. Last time, the attendant at the gatehouse said the day we were checking out was attendant’s birthday! So I made a set of prayer buttons during our stay as a birthday gift when we left. There’s a form letter that explains how and why I started making the buttons, not a suggestion that a person should do anything differently with their prayer life than what they’re already doing, just a thing I like to make & I’m grateful to give them away so I don’t have a buhjillion set of prayer buttons.

This week, attendant showed me the “cowboy hat”… straw hat with a brim… with the buttons tied around the brim like a hat ribbon. So awesome.

More soon, much Love,


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