It’s kind of weird that September 7th, 2021, the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled it’s federally unconstitutional to criminalize abortion… legalizing the procedure nationwide, though the availability still varies state to state… like two words spoken with the same breath in the same sentence, the United States Supreme Court/Texas “abortion ban” & Mexico Supreme Court abortion legalization happened almost simultaneously. A bizarre coincidence that drastically differentiates life on one side of the imaginary line from the other.

New York Times says the way it’s set up is a citizen can sue an abortion doctor/clinic & if they win they get ten grand plus legal fees, but if they lose they don’t have to pay the defendant’s legal fees… which means there’s no financial risk to carpet bomb sue every abortion doctor in the state if a person wanted to. That’s enough to maybe scare some abortion doctors into leaving Texas, and hopping the border as a well trained provider just in time to be at the forefront of the laws changing in Mexico. Sounds like maybe there was a lot of medical/abortion tourism going on, sounds like the surplus of abortion doctors were gonna lose all their business when it became legal in Mexico, sounds like the legislation was a strong suggestion to close up shop and follow the work before Texas was an enormous halfway house for out of work abortion doctors. “Hint, hint, nudge nudge, move your ass to Mexico.”

More soon, much Love,


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